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Halotherapy saved my sinuses!

Hi, my name is Sergiu and I suffered from chronic rhinitis and sinus problems for 7 years. It started with a simple runny nose and cold, and then every year it was getting progressively worse.

It was like something was always plugging up my air passageways. I visited numerous doctors and spent thousands of dollars on prescription medicine and treatments.

There was a point in which I had to use medicine virtually every hour. Imagine the feeling of having your nose pinched shut almost 24/7. That’s how I felt for years. The worst was at night time when the difficulty breathing made me toss and turn all night.

Then one day, about 4 years ago, my wife Oksana came up to me and said she may have found a solution for my nose issues. It was called halotherapy or salt therapy. I was skeptical at first just because I didn’t think an all natural solution could fix my “serious” problem but I was just frustrated by the lack of results my doctors were getting me that I said why not give it a try.

During the first session, I felt some immediate improvement although not completely healed by any means. The owner of the halotherapy center advised that I needed just a little bit of consistency to get the results I was looking for. Seeing that I already was feeling a bit better I committed to give the treatment an honest try.

I told myself I would go at least 10 times and if it didn’t work then I had nothing to lose since the cost of the sessions were so cheap compared to the thousands I had spent on medicine and doctors visits. The amazing thing is that by the 7th session my sinus condition was completely cleared up.

And what was even more incredible was that the results lasted for months without any additional treatment. It wasn’t until 6 months later that I went to do another group of sessions.

Today I consistently use halotherapy to keep my sinus issues away. For someone who spent years trying to find a solution to my chronic sinus issues, halotherapy had been an absolute Godsend. I have since researched intensively into this type of therapy and discovered just how powerful it is.

Halotherapy is not only highly effective at relieving respiratory conditions but it is also incredibly powerful at healing a multitude of skin conditions. The fact that the treatment is not widely known in the states is a complete shame. It’s one of the reasons why Salt Breeze exists today.

My wife and I believe in it so much that we decided to open our own halotherapy clinic to share this incredible treatment with others. We want to give people an alternative to expensive medicine and doctors visits that simply works!

Legally we cannot guarantee it will work for everyone but since we’ve opened, we have seen countless individuals experience incredible results with their respiratory and skin conditions.

If you have a skin or respiratory condition or want to boost your immune system and decrease stress, give us a call today or fill out our contact form!

Try it for yourself and see just how incredible it makes you feel!


Sergiu and Oksana