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Gift Cards

Custom Amount Gift Card

The easiest choice***

Not sure what services to gift? No worries! Custom dollar amount Salt Breeze gift card got it covered for you. Simply select the amount you'd like to gift and let your friend or loved one decide what Salt Breeze services and/or products they like.

Salt Therapy Gift Card

Great choice/value to introduce a new guest to salt therapy***

New Customer Deal, Buy One Get One FREE for one guest, 2 x 45 min Adult Salt Room Therapy visits.

Absolute best value/benefits intro deal to experience real results***

New Customer, 2 Weeks Unlimited Salt Therapy in Adult or Kids Salt Room for one guest.

A thoughtful touch of salt***

Adult Salt Room, single 45 min salt halotherapy visit.

Salty wellness regiment at 40% discount***

Adult Salt Room, 10 halotherapy sessions series.

Great choice/value to introduce a child to salt therapy***

New Customer Deal, Buy One Get One FREE for one child, 2 x 30 min Kids Salt Room Therapy visits.

Real health benefits package any parent would want for their children***

Kids Salt Room, 10 halotherapy sessions series.

Best play day choice***

Kids Salt Room, single 30 min salt halotherapy visit.

Massage Gift Card

Swedish massage 60min

Swedish massage 90min

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage 1hr

Deep Tissue massage 60min

Reiki Gift Card

Reiki 60min

  Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses energy to provide benefits to the recipient. Reiki means ‘life force energy’ and it is believed that if one’s life force is low, they are more likely to get sick and feel stress, whereas if one’s life force energy is high, they are more likely to be happy and healthy. Therefore, reiki uses positive energy like love, harmony and power to help people achieve optimal health and well-being. Today reiki is used in many settings including hospitals, hospice, in private practice and in individuals' daily self-care routines.

Reiki at Salt Breeze can help relief pains, anxiety, fatigue, stress and tension, improve mental focus, strengthen the immune system. A typical one hour session can run anywhere from 60-75 min depending on the client's need.

Reflexology Gift Card

Reflexology 60min

  Modern reflexology is based on an ancient form of Chinese foot and hand therapy that has been practiced in China since 2330 B.C. It involves applying pressure to particular areas of the hands and feet to produce benefits. These areas are “reflex points” which according to reflexology are energetically connected to specific organs and body parts. By activating these pressure points, it is believed a reflexologist can remove energy blockages, stress, and tension,from these corresponding areas of the body, and stimulate the body for self healing.


Our gift cards never expire. NJ sales tax included.