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Himalayan salt healing pillow salt breeze in muslin beige bag with tag hands holding Himalayan salt in a shape of heart salt breeze
Healing pillow filled with Himalayan salt very light green with bamboo salt breeze
light green with bamboo flowers pillow filled with Himalayan salt
two side by side Himalayan salt pillows one unpacked light green with bamboo ornaments one in a muslin beige bag with string attached tag salt breeze
Himalayan salt healing pillow standing packaged in a cotton beige bag with tag a string
healing pillow side by side filled with Himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt Healing Pillow

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Microwavable heating pad filled with 100% pure Himalayan Salt helps you fight aches and pains. Apply to inflamed joints, achy muscles, congested chest, back of your neck or anywhere your body calls.

Measurements: 6x7"

Weight: 1.5 lbs