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Himalayan Salt Pillow Microwavable Toys Penguin Cat Frog sitting in a Himalayan salt bowl
Healing Toys filled with Himalayan salt penguin cat frog
Microwaveable Toy Cat filled with Himalayan salt great and white
Healing and aromatherapy salt toy cat
Himalayan salt Heating Pad Cat Himalayan salt pillow
Himalayan Salt Heating Cooling Aromatherapy Toy Frog green felt
Stuffed animal Frog filled with Himalayan Salt green with black eyes and mouth
Penguin Healing Toy filled with Himalayan Salt black and white with yellow feet and beak
Himalayan salt microwavable toy penguin heating cooling pad
Group of three Himalayan Salt pad in forms of toys penguin cat and frog on pink Himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt Warming Pillow Healing Pal

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Hand Made Microwaveable Heating/Cooling and Aromatherapy Pad/Toy.


Hi, my name is Mimi!

I am your personal healing pal filled with pure Himalayan salt. I love cuddling, keeping you warm and helping you feel better when you are sick.I can help you beat coughs, colds, ear aches, body aches and so much more. I also love to play! Let's be friends!

Hand made with love in USA.

Textile: outer 100% polyester; inner 100%cotton.

Filling: Himalayan salt.

Use instructions: apply to area that is in pain. For aromatherapy apply several drops of essential oil of your choice on Mimi's eyes, nose or paws.

Microwave, oven and toaster oven safe.

Care instructions: cold water hand wash outer layer only, lay flat to dry.



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